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Sheraton Airport Hotel Dusseldorf   4.5-star From
Im Flughafen, Dusseldorf, 40474, Germany 86.00 EUR

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Hotel Day Rooms from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Hotel Room Description:

Make yourself at home and enjoy your accommodation in one of our 200 rooms in 3 room categories. All guest rooms are fitted with Sheraton Sweet Sleeper® beds, specially designed to lull you into a deep and soothing sleep with their fluffy down pillows and the crisp caress of exquisite bed linen. Fully refreshed, you're sure to make a bright and cheerful start to the day. Superior room You are sure to find lots of light and a great deal of relaxation in these brightly furnished rooms. Leave the tension of the day behind, let your gaze wander and enjoy the view of the beautiful, verdant roof terrace through the 3-paned, soundproof windows. All of our windows can be opened. The interior colours of your hotel room have been selectively chosen. Warm earth and terra cotta tones with premium fabrics make for a cosy atmosphere.

Hotel Room Amenities/Features:

•   large and free-standing desk•   cosy armchair
•   Sweet Sleeper® beds•   flat-screen TV
•   complimentary minibar•   complimentary daily newspaper
•   Internet access via cable and WLAN•   coffee maker
•   hair dryer•   Link@Sheraton Lounge